About Us

The American Institute of Continuing Professional Education, Inc. (AMICPE) is a NASBA approved CPE provider with one simple goal in mind: to make earning your credits as easy, affordable, career-enhancing and time-efficient as possible.

AMICPE offers a NASBA certified curriculum in a variety of mediums. Our subject matter experts provide the knowledge, resources and connections you need to enhance your professional life and become a more effective leader. Every year we host more than a thousand Seminars and Webcasts as part of our ongoing commitment to provide financial professionals with the best in continuing professional education.

Designed to meet the content needs of both CPAs and corporate executives, our events draw attendees from a diverse range of backgrounds, including publicly traded companies, small businesses and independent accounting firms. AMICPE events provide the ideal forum to debate, discuss and explore current issues and opportunities in the financial profession.

Our events feature seasoned entrepreneurs, senior level executives and sought-after keynote speakers. At our courses, conferences and subject-matter specific boot camps, you will connect with other leading financial professionals who share your interests and challenges. Come benefit from the experience of those who have already tackled your current issues, and share your knowledge in your area of expertise.

As AMICPE expands, we will continually seek to improve the convenience and value that we deliver to our customers. Our ongoing commitment is to provide financial professionals the very best in continuing professional education.